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Enjoying Camping with Camp Hammocks

If you enjoy the great outdoors, going camping can be a great adventure. In addition to essential equipment such as tents, there are many other accessories available for camping trips including camp hammocks. Bringing a camp hammock on your trip is a great way to enjoy nature and relaxation. Hammocks are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry. They are also very easy to install, and it only takes a few minutes to put up your hammock next to your camp site.

Camp hammocks are very different from traditional hammocks. The type of hammock used in backyards is not as durable or convenient as a camping hammock. Camping hammocks are specifically designed for people who need comfort and convenience while staying away from home. They are made out of special materials that can withstand the external elements, and they are very long-lasting, which means you can reuse your hammock over and over again on many different camping trips. Because camping hammocks are made out of tough materials, they can be transported easily without breaking or ripping. Despite its durability, the material used to manufacture camping hammocks is soft and smooth, so you can be comfortable when you use it.

Camp hammocks are available in a wide variety of features. The type of hammock you should choose depends on your budget and preferences. Hammocks that include sophisticated features are more expensive than simpler designs, but they can make your camping trip much more enjoyable. Some hammocks include add-ons such as mosquito nets and can be used to sleep in overnight while others resemble traditional hammocks that do not have a ceiling. The latter are great for setting up next to your camp site while the former are perfect for campers who prefer not to carry a tent.

While tents have always been the traditional shelter choice among campers, camping hammocks are becoming increasingly popular. Carrying and setting a tent up can be frustrating and time-consuming. Many types of tents are very heavy, and take a long time to transport. They also typically require complicated installation over a specific type of ground. A tent can't be put up on rocks or uneven ground. You not only have to carry the tent to your camp site, but you then have to find the proper place to install it. Camping hammocks on the other hand, are very light, so carrying them is very easy. They can be hung up anywhere you find trees, and you don't have to worry about rocks or the evenness of the ground. Sleeping in a camp hammock is comfortable, and you are protected from cool drafts as well as insects.

If you've never tried sleeping in a camp hammock instead of a tent, you'd be pleasantly surprised to discover how comfortable and convenient it can be. There are many types of camp hammocks available online and in sporting goods stores. Choose the right one for your needs and budget, and see how using a hammock can transform your entire camping experience.


Some Of The Benefits Of Lightweight Sleeping Bags

It used to be that sleeping bags were heavy and bulky. They took up a lot of room, and if you were camping in cold weather, you would probably need a few extra blankets just to make sure. Now that has all changed with the newer lightweight sleeping bags. Don't let the name, lightweight fool you. Some of these sleeping bags will keep you warm at minus forty degrees. The inner materials are super lightweight, and can be compressed down to almost nothing. The outer materials, on the outside have a weather resistant breathable coating; the inside will still keep you comfortable. Because of their tapered design, rolling them up tightly is easy, and many come with their own drawstring bags.

Because these lightweight sleeping bags are able to compress into small sizes, you can bring them just about anywhere and they don't take up a lot of space. Some of the carry bags even have compression straps for you pack, allowing you to have more room for other essentials. You can also hike or camp in more high country or colder situations, without compromising comfort.

Many of these lightweight sleeping bags are cheap, but are well worth the extra money. Cost is really going to depend on the quality, and what the temperature rating is. The lower the temperature it can withstand, the more money you are going to spend. This is something to think about before buying these. While most people won't be taking any family outings the Mount Everest, there are going to be times when the temperature in the mountains can drop significantly. Having a bag rated to zero degrees is good, and there are some really good ones that are rated to freezing, for under a hundred dollars.

Having a lightweight bag can actually save your life. Because of their lightweight design, they can be put in a corner of your trunk or back of your vehicle, and can be used in case of a roadside emergency. If it is winter, having a good sleeping bag just stowed away can mean the difference between life and death.

Another benefit of having lightweight sleeping bags is that if something happens, and your bags get wet, the materials will dry out quickly and easily, unlike those old bags with canvas or cloth on the outside, and wool or other fabrics on the inside. This means that if your bag gets wet, it may only take an hour to dry, as opposed to wasting half the day waiting for your bag to dry.

There are a number of different lightweight sleeping bags available, but your best bet when it comes to shopping for quality bags is the go online. Here you will find the best selection, a wider variety, as well as the best prices. One of these that is rated for fifty degrees is the Chinook ThermoPalm Sleeping Bag. This is a mummy style sleeping bag, available in blue. It comes with one layer of insulating materials, with a nylon taffeta outer shell. It comes with a four-way compression stuff sack, and costs just around fifty-five dollars.


Lightweight and Portable Canister Stoves

The canister stoves are available in various styles and have become quite popular with backpackers. A few of these canister stoves come supplied with a cooking pot; the lid is very versatile and serves as a frying pan. Therefore, the packer does not need to pack any other cookware. Canister stoves are among the easiest and lightest stoves you can use. All one has to do is turn the knob as there is no need to pump or prime. Just light it to get maximum heat.

Canister stoves are simple to operate, the flame is simple to adjust, it requires no maintenance and is relatively odorless and quiet. However, once the non-refillable container is empty, it can be troublesome to properly dispose of. One will find that these stoves burn cleanly on propane, butane or isobutene mixed with propane.

As far as camping stoves go, the backpacker will be sure to select the canister stove and choose the right fuel if he plans to camp in high altitudes or in extremely cold temperatures. Propane and butane fuels don't work the same when temperatures differ. Butane is hot burning but does not do well when the temperature drops below freezing; propane will work very well even when temperatures reach zero. There is one very important tip to remember: you should never cook full meals on canister stoves and do not use them inside of a tent.

Most of the canister stoves should be mounted on a disposable fuel canister right on its top. This makes it simple for the campers to mount their camping stoves as well as to pack them. Because the majority of these stoves can mount on a fuel bottle's top, it is not recommended that one use a windscreen with canister stoves since this may cause an excessive amount of heat that may lead to an explosion. If one has to make use of a canister stove with a windscreen, make sure the area you choose is large enough for air to enter so that the canister will not overheat.

Here is a great idea to provide a windscreen because it is simply your backpack set on its side, your sleeping bag rolled and stood on end or a sheet of aluminum foil that will help to block at least some wind. In order to test the stoves to see if they are putting out too much heat, just put a hand on them. If one's hand feels slightly warm then that is just fine. However, if a roaring sound is heard, it is an indication that the internal pressure is increasing higher than it should be, so turn it off right away.

Camping stoves that are lightweight can often weigh less than four ounces excluding the fuel and container. Better quality camping stoves have been designed to fit inside other apparatus used for camping, for example, cookware. Lightweight canister stoves and other camping stoves can make camping fun instead of a chore.


Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Outdoor Camping Tent

If you are interested in purchasing an outdoor camping tent, there are many important factors to consider beforehand so that you are able to choose a product that is most suitable for your individual needs. As you start your search for camping tents, you will discover that there are several different types available in today's market. Because of this fact, you may find it relatively challenging to narrow down your choices without a little basic knowledge about the products. While many may shop for the best price, it is important to avoid utilizing this strategy. While a model may be priced well, it may lack the quality, durability and features that you require. It is best to learn a little about what is available so that when you start shopping for an outdoor camping tent, you will know exactly what you are searching for.

When shopping for camping tents, one of the first distinctive characteristics that you will discover is that there are several different styles available. While it is true that many individuals select a particular style because of the fact that it is appealing to the eye, it is important that you understand that each style has its own level of functionality. The following lists the most common styles of tents and some basic information about each:

* The Dome Tent - This particular style is considered to be an appropriate option for camping trips in all seasons of the year. This is because of the fact that they are highly resistant to different types of weather conditions such as snow, wind, and rain and are constructed in a highly durable manner.
* The A-Frame Tent - This type of tent is an appropriate option for individuals that will be camping in nice weather conditions. They are considered to be the most popular due to pricing. However, these models are not considered an appropriate option for weather conditions such as rain and high winds.
* Summer Tents - If you will be camping during warm weather, this will be an ideal tent. It is designed with a high level of ventilation and extremely lightweight. This is not ideal for fall or winter camping trips.

The next factor that you must consider when shopping for an outdoor camping tent is the size of the unit. In most instances, a tent size is determined by the amount of people that the product is able to accommodate. When shopping for camping tents, it is not uncommon to see designations such as "One Person", "Two Person", "Four Person" and so on. When choosing a tent, it is important to understand that when you see this type of designation, it is referring to the amount of space the tent has for people only. It does not include the amount of space that you will need for camping supplies. When choosing a tent, you must choose one that has enough room for all of the supplies that you will be taking as well as the individuals that will be using the product.

As you can see, it is important to review the types of tents that are available today as well as the sizes available. However, there are other important factors to consider too. Examples of these factors include the types of poles that come with a tent as well as the type of zippers that are included with the tent. It is important to ensure that the product is designed of high quality materials that are highly durable. This will ensure that they stand up against the environmental elements that you may encounter while on your camping trip. By following the guidelines contained in this article, you are sure to find an outdoor camping tent that is suitable for your individual needs.


The Many Uses Of A Single Burner Camp Stove

A single burner camp stove can have a number of different uses and can be ideal for those with limited space when camping. These camping stove products are small and compact, they require just a little extra space and have a conveniently small propane cylinder. Because they have just one burner, less fuel will be used, stretching your fuel supply. Depending on use, a single cylinder can last from a few days to up to a week. These propane tanks can be purchased from local mass marketing outlets, so they are available to just about anyone.

Here are a few of the many uses for a single burner camp stove. If you are a back packer, you know what it's like to find that your remote camp site doesn't allow fires. Since you need to be able to cook at least one healthy, high energy meal a day, a camping stove can be used just about anywhere, without a lot of setting up, waiting for charcoal or a fire to get going. You simply hook up the tank, light the stove and you are ready to cook immediately. When you are finished, you simply let it cool down completely, then pack it away for the next use.

A single burner camp stove is also a good idea to keep on hand in case of an emergency. Many people these days have an electric stove and oven in their homes, and when the power goes out there is no way to be able to cook or heat water, so a camping stove can provide you and your family with emergency cooking facilities. Again, because of their light weight and small size, they can be put away in your storage, garage, and utilized whenever needed. As long as the fuel canister remains in a cool environment, it will last a long time even when not in use. This also makes them great for stowing in the trunk of your vehicle, along with other emergency supplies.

While you can find a camping stove at a number of local retailers, many find that there is far more choices online. Several websites offer high quality single burner camping stove products, as well as a number of choices when it comes to fuel sources. Many find that propane canisters are more advantageous than other fuel sources, mainly because the canister is fully self contained, no messy white gas or other liquid fuels that may spill in your back pack or camping supplies.

One thing that many people are concerned with these days when it comes to a camp stove is cost. There are a wide range of single burner camping stove products available online, and prices can start at around $40. Now you may see some camp stove products that are cheaper, however they may not be the high quality you need when it comes to camping stoves, especially if you are a heavy camping fanatic. They tend to be constructed of lower grade materials, usually wearing out in a short period of time. A good quality camping stove will provide years of use, be easy to clean and maintain, and provide hot meals for you and your family.


Bird Watching Gear: Essential Equipment For The Bird Watching Enthusiast

As you pursue the excitement of spotting that melodic warbler or spying the nesting habits of a clever woodpecker, preparation is key. When roaming in the woods or exploring a secluded meadow, it is important to make sure you are equipped with the proper bird watching gear that keeps you protected, prepared, and organized. Just think - how are you to handle and transport all of the needed accompaniments that make bird watching a success?

Without the help of a pair of binoculars, there is no way of catching sight of birds hiding in the security of a tall tree. Binoculars not only enlarge the size of birds, but also allow you to tackle long distances. It is important that any bird watching optics are nice and lightweight, as people can often spend many hours traversing some rough terrain in order to observe birds. While some bird enthusiasts believe that a decent pair of binoculars is the only thing that will carry them through a bird watching adventure, there are many other things to consider that enhances an overall trip.

In order to enjoy easy access to field guides and other items, a birding vest with sizable pockets is recommended. The typical vest offers about ten pockets of varying sizes to accommodate items, such as lens caps, lip balm, snacks, and insect repellent. When shopping for a vest, make sure to try on several different options in order to purchase the best fit. It is also important to make sure the pockets will accommodate all of your accessories without creating a heavy feel. Also, consider a vest that uses Velcro to seal pockets, which provides a decent level of access to stored items.

A lightweight rain jacket is sometimes needed in order to protect you from the elements when bird watching weather takes a turn for the worse. While birding, don't forget to bring along a hat. The great outdoors is a great place for a hobby, but it can also be devastating to the skin. A bad sunburn is something that will keep people away from their favorite hobby. Bird watching hats can really make a significant difference in the success of a bird watching trip. A good bird watching hat can keep the sun away from the face and the hair out of the eyes. If a rare bird flies by, bird watchers only have a few seconds sometimes to observe the beautiful creature. The sun blacking out the view or hair in front of the eyes could disrupt a special experience.

If you are an avid bird watcher and enjoy pairing trips with a bit of hiking, carrying along a backpack is suggested. Try to come prepared with meals, bottled water, an extra pair of binoculars, socks, field maps, compass, snacks, and notebooks for recording your encounters - all of which will easily fit into a backpack. Make sure not to over pack this piece of equipment or you will face the risk of becoming tired before you have a chance to finish your anticipated journey.


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